Air Purifying Bag( 2PCS )

  • 100% NATURAL CHARCOAL BAMBOO PURIFYING BAGS: Our all-natural charcoal bamboo bags are carefully crafted to bring a whole new world of freshness to your life, removing bad odors in your home, vehicle, office, and any other areas that could use a breath of fresh air.Our Purifying Bags remove bad odors that linger in houses with dogs, cats, kids, and busy families. Each bag is fragrance and chemical free to purify any environment safely, so it’s perfect for using around your pets and children
  • EACH BAG CAN LAST UP TO 1 YEAR: The naturally activated charcoal bamboo odor eliminator bags are carefully manufactured using high-quality ingredients from start to finish. Each bag can eliminate odors for up to 1 year. No need to buy new air-fresheners every week as our product will absorb moisture and bad odors for months to come. Place the bag under sunlight for 1 hour every month, to stimulates your bag accordingly
  • ELIMINATE WASTE BY USING RECYCLED PRODUCTS: Our product is eco-friendly from start to finish, which means when you are finished with your purifying bags you can empty the properties that were in your bag into the soil in your garden or perfect for composting. This will distribute rich-nutrients into the soil and eliminate waste. It’s a two for one deal!
  • MOISTURE ABSORBER: Moisture is known for providing unwelcoming scents to your home and is usually the cause of many unwanted smells. Our moisture absorber removes odors and will prevent mold or mildew from surfacing. It’s non-toxic and safe for everyone. Feel good and renovate your home quickly and easily by removing unnecessary smells and being eco-friendly at the same time


    • Color: Random
    • Material: Charcoal Bamboo
    • Pattern: As Picture Shows
    • Weight:  Button-100g/Per, Shoe Shape-100g/Per, Grommet 1- 75g/Per, Grommet 2- 100g/Per, Grommet 3- 200g/Per

    Package Include:

    • 2* Air Purifying Bag